Saturday, May 29, 2010

Panlegis Offers Nuf Formation

Besides offering offshore company formation in Malta, Panelgis also offers NUF formation in Norway.

So exactly what is NUF?

NUF is a type of business entity in Norway that is similar to an LLC, only it doesn't carry the same requirements such a minimum equity of NOK 100,000. In short, NUF is a Norwegian Registered Foreign Company, and an excellent way to take advantage of the benefits of being registered as a business entity in Norway.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Business Formation Drops 10% In Wealthiest Countries

The WSJ is reporting that over the past year, business formation has dropped 10% in the wealthiest countries in the World, and 24% in the United States alone!

Contributing to this are two core factors. First, is a lack of ability to get funds. To start most businesses, you need plenty of start up capital. But with recent changes in the loan industry, entrepreneurs are finding it harder to get money.

The second factor is that with a down economy, people are less likely to ditch a steady paycheck in favor of "living the dream". Let's face it, if you have a family with young children, it's virtually impossible to take the risk of starting a new business venture.

FBS Expect 15% Growth Due To Malta Operation

A specialist family business consultancy is expanding into the Mediterranean.

Family Business Solutions, which has its head office in Glasgow, is opening a joint venture with Maltese firm 2M.

They believe there is a gap in the market to provide services tailored to family-owned companies in different countries.

They have already set up a training programme designed to help create structures to pass wealth from one generation to the next.

The project, named FBS2M, will be formally launched at the Malta Family Business Conference at the end of this month.


Panlegis can't stress enough, the positive economic impact that Malta has had. With such a tight economy, business are looking for every way possible to save money and utilize any tax benefit they can find.

The Advantages of Being A Malta Company

The Republic of Malta is a chain of islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. Besides being a great vacation spot, Malta also offers many advantages to it's corporations.

The first of such advantages is that Malta allows online gaming. In fact, it is one of Europe's leading jurisdictions for online gaming, and it is highly regulated.

Other advantages of being a Malta Corporation are...

-Enjoy a lower corporate tax rate (possibly as low as 5% of profit!)

-A stable political and financial system

-Good banking structure

-Company law based on UK company law and EU directives

-Malta adopted the Euro in 2008

There are many more advantages to becoming a Malta based corporation, which explains why more and more companies are using off shore registrars such as Panlegis to form their company in Malta.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Panlegis Offshore Company Formation

Panlegis helps over 10,000 people incorporate their business annually, some of them offshore. The enormous volume of clients is due to the fact that Panlegis is reliable, professional, and also offers a wide variety of business services.

While many individuals know exactly what services and goods they are going to sell, they're not clear as to what they are legally required to do.

Some of the issues and tasks at hand might be...

  • What type of entity should they form?
  • How do they become a corporation?
  • What tax filings are they required to make?
  • Where can they find someone to handle their accounting?
  • What is required in order for them to obtain a trademark, and how do they do so?
Given that Panlegis can handle all of these tasks and more, it only makes sense to hire Panlegis to for these duties. After all, the cost of doing these tasks incorrectly yourself, far outweigh the cost of hiring a professional company such as Panlegis.